Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There's another $5/$20 coupon this week, so I had several little plans where I could use it to get cheap Starbucks coffee.

The 1st CVS I visited apparently didn't carry either the Oust or Soy Joy, although they had some of the other Bonus Pack stuff, and they weren't restocked on the Thermacare (which I have several rainchecks for).
They had the Crave-NX spray, but it and coffee weren't enough for a deal.

The next CVS also didn't have any Thermacare, nor any of the Crave-NX spray. I ended up having to buy 4 bottles of Oust...and I bought my light-bulb, can't remember why I didn't wait and buy it in another deal.

$3.99 Oust Spray x 4
$2.99 GE Smart Bulb
$6.99 Starbucks Coffee

-3.99 Oust BOGO 1/03 x 2
-1.50 GE Lighting IP
-1.50 Starbucks Jingle Rebate Booklet

-9.96 ECB

Subtotal: $0.00 + 1.24 tax = $1.24 oop ($1.24 for a bag of Starbucks coffee!)

ECBs: $12.00 Oust, $2.00 GE Bulb = $14.00

Final Total +$2.80 Profit

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