Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rebates, too

One good thing about having such a bad memory is, sometimes you get nice surprises.

Today I got a $40.00 prepaid Visa card from buying Norton anti-virus at Staples back around Black Friday.

Had forgotten about it.


Earthy Mama said...

LMAo! If you figure out a good rebate system, pelase share it. Right now I'm wading through receipts and upc codes to send in Olay, Dole and Coors/pepsi/frito-lay. lol

Melissa said...

LOL, that was me yesterday. Reciepts and forms stacked on the printer, and then I was like, uh, UPCs? codes?

Luckily I still had all the ones I sent yesterday, and the Glades and Scrubby Bubbles for the SC Johnsons I still have. But I already got rid of the Dulcolax that I still have rebates for so I have to find some UPC codes on those.

No idea for a system. I figured I'd just try to make it a goal to get them sent out sooner.