Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rite Aid

With the Olay MIR's ending tomorrow, I'm on the run to get my deals before the deadline. Had plans to go to a few Rite Aids today, but unfortunately didn't make it. I didn't much want to, but nothing chanced is opportunity lost (or something to that effect), so I went into the local Rite Aid here at home. I generally have trouble shopping with coupons there, and expected to today, with the BOGO Flex-A-Min, but had to try.

Sure enough, I handed the girl my coupons, and she hollered for the Shift Manager. I didn't have any trouble with them taking the Flex-A-Min coupons on the BOGO, but she didn't want to take the Video Values coupon because it had a picture of Nature's Bounty on it. I pointed out where it was written underneath "or Flexamin Vitamins".
She was like, Oh, you're right. I said, I promise I'm not trying to get anything over on you. (Like they act like I'm doing.)
Then she told me a story about she'd tried to use a coupon at Walmart and they wouldn't accept it because the item wasn't pictured, even though it said it on the coupon. Yeah, a bunch of idiots work at Walmart, too.

$7.99 Olay lotion
$14.99 Flex-A-Min
$0.00 Flex-A-Min
= $22.98

-2.00 Olay 1/17 P&G
-1.00 RA VV q
-1.00 RA VV q
-6.00 Flex-A-Min MQ
-6.00 Flex-A-Min MQ
= $21.00

Total: $1.98 + 1.26 tax = $3.24 oop

$14.99 towards Heart Healthy GC
$7.99 towards P&G Visa Card
$7.99 MIR Olay

Rebate totals:

P&G Visa Card = $88.41

Heart Healthy = $49.96 (!Unbelievable!)

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