Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Total First Shop of the Year

(I need a bigger place to spread out; this doesn't look as impressive as it should)

To reiterate, I bought:
(2) gallons of Milk
(1) case of Bottled Water
(3) boxes Hot Chocolate
(2) 2-ltr. Sodas
(1) bottle Vitamin Water
(1) box Instant Oatmeal
(3) Bananas
(3) cans Tomato Sauce
(2) cans Tuna
(8) boxes Chips Ahoy cookies
(2) pkgs Beef Jerky
(1) pkg Christmas Peeps Candy
(4) boxes Electrasol Dishwasher Packets
(2) boxes Sandwich Baggies
(2) pkgs Premium Dental Floss
(1) box Bayer Aspirin Crystals
(8) boxes Neosporin Max Strength Cream
(1) Bayer Blood-Glucose Meter w/ 10 Test Strips
(6) pkgs Stayfree Maxi Pads
(1) box Slimquick Drink Mix pkgs
(6) Got2B Hair Stylers
(8) Nivea Lip Balms

and spent only $10.59 cash.

Without coupons, following the sales, or rolling Register Rewards, all this would have otherwise cost $233.58.

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