Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday, as I was planning my shopping trip for today, I thought, hm, I better check my ECBs and see what kind of deadlines are coming up on me. *Gasp!*  The expiration dates were yesterday!
I hate when that happens because then I have to use 'em or lose 'em, often at a loss.

But I lucked up this week. The expired ECBs totalled about $15.00 (each card!), so I figured if I did the 6/$20 Pepsico deal, minus the $5/$20 CVS IP, left $15.00. Then I got $10 ECB back, so (6) 12-packs of Pepsi cost me only $5.00.

Except! I did a second deal of Soyjoy, Oust, and Crave NX. Total of those items were $21.97 before coupons.  I used another $5/$20 CVS IPq and a Oust BOGO q = $12.98.
I got $6.00 Soyjoy ECBs, $6.00 Oust ECBs, and $8.00 Crave NX ECBs = $20.00.

That deal was a $7.02 profit, so covered my $5.00 cost on the Pepsis, plus $2.02 more.

At the next CVS, they did have Dr. Pepper's included in the sale, but didn't have any Soyjoy or Crave NX, so I am still $5.00 down on that deal, but will work on that later this week.

Transaction #1, spent $0.01 + .45 tax = $0.46 oop
Transaction #2, spent $0.48 + .98 tax = $1.46 oop

Transaction #1, spent $0.00 + .00 tax = $0.00 oop

Total Value of Items: $61.97
ECBs Spent: $42.49
Cash Spent: $1.92
ECBs Earned: $40.00
Final Total: $4.41 oop

*Updated: Went to another CVS tonight while Kev had basketball practice and turned over the last of my expired ECBs. This time I had $17.45 worth.
This CVS also had Dr. Pepper included in the sale so I got (6) 12-packs of those, and (3) bags of CVS .99 Smarties and Gummy Worms candy for the car.

They had Soyjoy, but not Oust...I forgot to check on the Crave NX after I didn't see any Oust....anyway, I am down $8.51 on this deal, but will make it up later.

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