Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kroger Blah

This Kroger is a smaller, older store and didn't stock some of the items I was looking for, and was out of others. I was glad to find some of the Ester-C at $4.34, and I had $5.00 coupons for a little overage.

I went to the self-check where I usually have good luck checking out since the cashier is watching 4-6 lines at a time, and especially today, the store was packed, it being Sr. day.
I scanned everything and the total was too low. I had TRIED to figure the tax on the Ester-C, but obviously screwed something up. I knew I had more coupon than amount, so I grabbed a pack of gum there at the register to bring the total up.

Hit Finish and Pay, and Coupons, and the girl came and took my coupons to her station. She scanned them all and they all went through with no beepage or problems. She hit total, but before I could choose a pay method, I guess she thought my total was too low and looked closer and locked my register up.
People were asking her questions and she let me standing there. Then she came back and took off the $5.00 coupons, and then went off to help someone else again. Then came back and - eventually - put the coupons in for $4.34 and hit total.

I paid and started to go and she turned around to tell me what she'd had to do. I said, what you did was cheat me out of my coupon value - Kroger gets reimbursed for the full amount of that coupon, and it's illegal to change the amount of a manufacturer coupon.

I know, I know...but this was just after the first Rite Aid fiasco and I was so irritated...
I didn't stay and fight, I just had my say and left.

After that was when I was fixing to say to heck with it and go home, but decided not to. (Which was probably the wrong decision, since I should have walked out of all three stores I had just visited and decided not to).
But luckily things changed after that and got better.

Value of items $33.73 (Before sale prices)
Total Paid $2.24 + 1.01 tax = $3.25 oop

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