Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tried another AccuCheck/Pepsi deal at another Walgreens, but that didn't work out. They wanted to only give me $4.99 on my MQ after taking off the $5.00 Wags Q...I said Nahhhhhhhh don't think so.

On another note, I heard from the Manager at that Wags I had trouble at Sunday. He apologized that she didn't know the coupon policy and said I shouldn't have trouble again.

So there you go - if you know you're right, you don't have to take being treated like an idiot by these people.


Glenda Lynn said...

I seem to have trouble there too. Have you ever seen their coupon policy in writing?


Melissa said...

I don't believe I have, Glenda. I don't seem to recall them having one in writing (I could be wrong; my memory stinks).

I think some people called Corp. awhile back and were told some rules, but I don't think there was really a written policy.

If you're pretty sure you're doing it right, and they want to keep arguing with you, you should get the Manager and/or Corp. involved. It seems to be the only way to get the stores trained to take the coupons, and not treat you like trash for using them.

BTW, even thought I feel I'm in the right getting overage from the coupons as in the Accucheck/Pepsi deal, I don't complain to Management or Corp about that when they don't let me. They shut their ears and refuse to hear when you try to explain the logic of it to them.