Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Total Yearly Totals

One of my New Year Plans as far as my Shopping Game is that I PLAN to TRY to keep up with my shopping totals for the year.

I'm starting out my year $30.00 ahead because my Mom insisted on giving me $20.00 because I took her a couple of appliances I got from CVS before Christmas and several bags of toiletries and such. And then, I had asked my Aunt to buy my papers this weekend because I was out of town, and she wouldn't let me pay her back for them! Because I give her stuff.

But I get the stuff for free...after rebates and rolling RRs and ECBs I even make money most of the time...so it shouldn't cost them when I give them things. I feel like I'm selling Mom stuff she wouldn't've bought otherwise, and that my Aunt is funding my "habit".

Oh well. I took Mom's $20 and kept my $10 for the papers and am investing it back into the Shopping Game, and will keep supplying them with stuff.

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