Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rite Aid

With Brandy's help, I was attempting to get back into SCR'ing, Rebating, and Extra Earnings at Rite Aid.
This week Rite Aid started a deal, if you spend a certain amount of money on P&G items, you earn a Visa Gift Card. There was an Olay sale, which is a P&G item, and there was an Olay MIR. I also still had a couple of $20.00 Gift of Savings Certificates left to spend, and thought it'd be a good time to turn them over, but couldn't seem to figure out for myself how to do it.
(If any of you are in Brandy's area and are thinking about taking her coupon workshop, I would highly recommend you do. I couldn't do alot of my deals without her guidance!)

I really could have used her there holding my hand today. I mess up so bad when I'm out of practice.
Except I wasn't out of practice at Rite Aid shopping - only the SCR'ing - so I don't know what happened. Terrible brain-fart!

First store I went to didn't have Benevia. Ok, no problem, I got Nature Bounty, and decided to push my luck on some extra bottles of Bayer (teenage boy cashiering. they generally don't care). I had some overage to get a gallon of milk.
Everything goes along okay, until he scans my last $5.00 Nature Bounty coupon...BEEP! Beeped because my total was only .92 + 1.63 tax. Whaaaa?
Poor guy tried scanning it again and again, and counted items and coupons to make he hadn't double scanned a coupon. He tried everything, but I knew he hadn't done anything wrong, it was obviously my mistake, and I couldn't figure out what it was, so I just shrugged and reached for the coupon back and handed him the money to pay. He was still like, are you okay with that? But what else could I be?

Eventually I figured out, in my totalling, I hadn't taken off $4.99 for the free bottle of Nature Bounty. EEERRRRRGGGGG!!!! I HATE to mess up.

Total: $0.92 + 1.63 tax = $2.55 oop
SCR: $0.00
MIR: $15.00 Olay
Total: $12.45 Profit

Amount towards Visa Card: $15.97

On the way to the next Rite Aid, I figured I'd get 4 bottles of Nature Bounty, even if I only had 3 MQ coupons left, I could still use one of the $1.00 RA VV coupons for overage on the 2nd free bottle. (Are you confused as me yet?)

At the next store, I STILL don't know what I did wrong...and I apparently wasn't the only one without both oars in the water today.

This time I remembered to take off for both the sales and the coupons, and my final total should have been $20.92, and then I was going to use my $20.00 GoS.
However, the cashier (mistakingly) thought the sale on the vitamins had already turned over to tomorrow's sale (ie. not BOGO), and she took off $4.99 for the BOGO sale, twice. According to my receipt, I only paid for (1) of (4) bottles of vitamins. (I didn't know that at the time.)

At any rate, my final total came up to $19.00 and some odd cents. So I added a pack of gum at $1.19, which brought it up to $20.64. I'm not sure but it seems like if I had figured right to start with, her taking off an extra $4.99 would have put me further in the hole than that.
I dunno!

I give her my $20.00 GoS and $1.00, and she says she needs to put the cash in first so it doesn't confuse the register. So I say well I think I have .64 change, would that be better. So I give her the .64 instead, and then she puts in the $20.00 GoS, and then my total is $1.40 in the negative!
Because the GoS is a Rite Aid certificate, not a manufacturer coupon, it reduced my sales tax.
So they had Sara Lee loafa bread on sale for $1.00 a loaf, so I grabbed 2 of those, and then owed $0.66 oop.

Total: -$0.78 + 2.08 tax = $1.30 oop
SCR: $0.00
MIR: $20.00 Olay
Total: $18.70 Profit

Amount towards Visa Card: $56.95

After that I came home and had take Kevin to play a basketball game (which they won again, YaY) and then afterwards, visited Rite Aid #3.

At which I met THE MOST IGNORANT of all ignorant Cashier/Managers in Rite Aid history!

This store had plenty of Benevia, so I got a couple of those instead of Nature Bounty - one of each kind - and the Olay products, and (3) of the Bayer aspirin.

I only tried pushing my luck with those because I had been getting away with it all week, and my total was well over $20.00 even without them, so if they argued those I could have them took off with no problem. They were just freebies I was getting while they were free, because my parents and John's Mom and several of my relatives take the low-dose Bayer everyday so I get all I can when I can.

With the Benevia overage I had I was buying some cans of beans'n'franks, moon pies, and oatmeal pies.

So I go up and checkout and hand her my coupons, and she calls "Manager to the front", and another girl comes up there, I guess a Manager? I couldn't see her nametag, if she was wearing one.
Anyway, without even having looked at my coupons, the cashier hands her the whole stack and asks her about being able to use them. The Manager says "We can take one coupon per customer"...including manufacturer coupons!!!!

She stacked the $5/$20 coupon and both the Benevia RA VV coupons (because they were different), and then ONE Benevia manufacturer coupon and stacked the other one aside to give me back. Same with the Olay products; I had 2 Olay products, she was only going to take 1 manufacturer coupon!

I stood there and watched her - shocked, I guess - until she handed me my stack back, and I said she could just give me the rest of them back, too, because thinking they were only going to accept one manufacturer coupon is THE STUPIDEST THING I EVER HEARD OF.

She whined "We're just doing what our Boss told us to do". I said well she needed to contact her Corporate, because their Boss was WRONG. As I walked out I said, that's okay, I'll contact them FOR YOU.

I've had ALOT of problems shopping at that Rite Aid before, and have contacted Corp on them before. I don't shop there much as a result of all the trouble I've had there, but tonight I had to go there to the basketball game and it's the last day of the sale and also the $15.00 Olay deadline. But even with all the trouble I've had in the past at this particular store, limiting Manufacturer coupons has never been one of them!!!

Stopped at the last Rite Aid, here at home, which I also don't much like and won't hardly shop at. They didn't have the Olay stuff I was needing for the $15 rebate. After that I didn't feel up to trying to figure out and/or fight with them about using coupons on the (free) Benevia, and my $20 GoS to get the other Olay deal, so I just left and came home.

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