Sunday, January 31, 2010


Total Value before Coupons: $158.81
Total ECBs Used: $69.00
Total ECBs Received: $99.94
Spent: $3.90 + 4.61 tax = $8.51 oop

Final Total: $22.43 Profit

Each Card:

1.50 Pringles x 10
1.00 Powerade x 10
= 25.00
-1.00 wyb Powerade and Pringles CVS tearpad MQ x 10
-5.00/20.00 CVS IP q (exp. 1/23)
-10.00 ECB
= $.00 + tax
Rec'd $10.00 ECB
Total cost approx .60 tax

6.00 Soyjoy
3.99 Oust
3.99 Oust
5.49 Dove Men's
5.49 Dove Men's
= 24.96
- 3.99 Oust BOGO MQ
- 1.25 Dove 1/31 RP
- 1.25 Dove 1/31 RP
- 5.00/20.00 CVS IP Q (exp. 1/23)
= 13.47
(- approx 12.00 ECBs)
Rec'd ECBs: $6.00 Oust, $6.00 Soyjoy, $5.49 Dove, $5.49 Dove
$2.01 profit on Oust;
$1.25 profit on Dove each;
bought the Soyjoy to get total up to $20.00+ so I could use the $5/$20 coupon: $5.00 profit.

You might also notice I got some snack size packages of Almonds (products), CVS lotion, and Scotch lint rollers. All these items were free after coupons, except tax. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use my $5/$20 coupons, and I had some $5/$30 backups, so I got these free-after-coupon items to get my totals up around $30.00 just in case. After the first couple transactions with no trouble using my $5/$20 coupons, I didn't bother anymore.


Cheap&Sweet said...

OMGOSH THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I find that coupon. Great shopping!

Earthy Mama said...

I need some current $5/xx coupons for cvs, where'd yu get them??

Melissa said...

They were the ones from last weeks' SacBee.

Earthy Mama said...

what's a sacbee? lol

Melissa said...

That Sacramento Bee online paper that we got the $5/$20 IP for a couple of weeks.

Melissa said...

Oh, or Fresno Bee? Lol, some sort of Bee. Stupid name for a paper anyway. Although still not quite as Stupid as ours:

Earthy Mama said...

LMAO! I guess there's a link on ihearcvs? :)

Melissa said...

Yes. You did get that these expired 1/23, right? Supposedly they don't beep for expiration for a couple weeks after the expiration date, but YMMV if the cashier sees the exp. date.

Also on iheartcvs is some supposedly generic $5/$30, $4/$20, $3/$15 etc. Some people say these beep "not for card" and some say they scan with no problem. I haven't tried them, though (yet):-)