Wednesday, January 27, 2010


New Week

The only thing I wanted/needed from the new weeks' sale was Ranch dressing and the Tyson Refrigerated Entree'. Otherwise I stocked up on Aleve and Vitamins while I still could before the coupons expire.

I found the .99 off Hallmark cards, and got (5) free cards, just paid tax. This is probably a really good deal for someone who actually sends cards.

Then you see I had (5) boxes of Knox Gelatine. My plan was to go ahead and buy this stuff up before it gets sold out, and building up the overage onto Publix gift cards to be able to use later on, when there isn't any or enough overage when I need something. I also had some overage from the Aleve and vitamins.

Then, I don't know what happened. Suddenly I sprouted wings and started talking to myself in a language that sounded like "Bahhhhk bok bok bok".
I don't know why I was suddenly scared they wouldn't give me the overage on the gift card, but, anyway, I spent most of it, and then tax ate up the rest.

$3.50 Tyson BF Pot Roast (BOGO Sale)
-2.00 Tyson Dinner from Publix Family Style Mag
-1.00 IP Q
= .50

$3.45 HVR Salad Dressing ($1.73/$1.72 each)
-1.00 IP Q (use 2)
= $1.45 ($.73/.72 each)

$2.69 White Milk
$2.69 White Milk
$2.65 Chocolate Milk
-2.69 White Milk wyb $100.00 worth of Groceries
-2.65 Chocolate Milk wyb (2) White Milk
= $2.69

$7.69 Nesquik Powder
-1.00 Target Q
= $6.69

$0.99 Hallmark Cards
-0.99 Publix Coupon hanging on tearpad right in the cards section; expires 2/14
= FREE cards + tax

$4.27 One-A-Day Scooby Doo Chewy Multi-Vitamins (buy 2)
(Regular $5.99 or $5.39? I forget exactly)
-5.00/2 Publix Green Flyer Coupon
-2.00 One-A-Day MQ 1/03 SS (use 2)
= +.46 overage

$1.39 Knox Gelatine
-4.00 1/24 RP
= +$2.61 overage

Total: +$4.35 overage - 5.61 tax = $1.26 cost
Sabed: $138.82

Last Week
Did the last day of last week's sale. I forgot, or didn't pay attention, or something, but I got a couple of wrong things that ended up costing me. One was the Birds Eye vegetables. Only the Steamfresh were on sale; I thought it was all of it. And the New York Toast; apparently the Original New York Texas Toast wasn't included in the BOGO sale, which seems pretty darn crazy to me.

By the time I figured out what'd happened (out in my car afterwards, is where I go to check my receipt if I know something was wrong), I just couldn't go back in and return the stuff and try again. I had a headache, and the french-speaking woman I dealt with last time was in there. My head hurt even worse just thinking about trying to explain this one to her.
I just said to heck with it. You win some, you lose some. I'll recoup another day.

And, I still had the case of the Chickenitis at this store, too, and ended up spending my overage :-(
I hope I can this stuff cured before I go shopping again.

Spent: +$4.96 overage - 6.08 tax = $1.12 cost
Saved $150.35

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