Sunday, January 17, 2010


or..."What $10 Will Buy" (but should have been $8)

Yes, I bought ALL of this for what I would have spent on 10 newspapers alone!

Yesterday I had planned to get up and go buy my weekly newspapers and maybe run by Rite Aid and Walgreens (I never did go to Walgreens last week, at all!).
But then I talked myself out of it. I figured there wasn't any Thermacare left in stock by then anyway. And there was a Rite Aid where we were going for Kev to play his basketball game (which his team won, btw), so I could just shop there. And Kroger. And since I was planning to go to Wags first thing this morning for the Pepsi deal anyway, might as well wait and see if I could buy my papers using RRs. If not I could always run down to the $1 paper sellers that are also out on Sundays.

I never did do another Rite Aid shop or go into Kroger, but I did get up and get to Walgreens this morning and got the Pepsi deal and my papers!

Was so excited to see the Pepsi's WERE 5/$15 afterall!

I visited (2) Wags stores and found (3) Aviva Accu-checks at each one. Four would have been ideal, but I wasn't complaining too much! That gave me $15.00 overage with the $5 Wags Q from the Diabetes & You booklet and the Free Coupons from the (which?) insert. So my (5) 12-packs of Pepsi, (2) Bags of Tostitoes, and jar of dip costed me $5.00RR (before tax). And then I got a $10RR back, so I actually got it all free, plus $5.00 profit.

Which inturn paid for like (4) bundles of my newspapers. 2-bundle AJC = $2.50 x 4 = $10.00.

I bought 5 bundles of papers, but the last bundle was paid for with profit from some of the Neosporin or Therflu/Tea or Chips Ahoy deals.

I also bought 2 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, on clearance for .25 each. Just so happened I was .50 short of being able to use another $1.00 RR, so these worked out great, and cheap (free) wrapping paper for next Christmas!!

Neosporin Lip Therapy 2/$8.00
-3.00 Lip Therapy IP
-3.00 Lip Therapy IP
= $2.00 oop
Get $3.00 RR = $1.00 profit

Neosporin Antibiotic Cream 2/$8.00
-1.00 MQ
-1.00 MQ
-2.00 Wags CAB (Takes off $4.00)
= $2.00 oop
Get $3.00 RR = $1.00 profit

Theraflu Sugar-Free $3.99 AND Lipton Tea $2.99
-2.00 Theraflu IP
-2.00 Theraflu Wags Q Diabetes & You magazine in pharmacy
= $2.98
Get $4.00 RR = $1.02 profit

??Chips Ahoy .99??
$1.98 (2)
-1.00/2 Nabisco Booklet
= .98 oop
Get $2.00 RR = $1.02 profit

*I'm not sure these are still good for this deal. I asked at the first Wags store if they were still on sale and the cashier said yes, it's a month-long thing. I didn't get any because my RRs wouldn't work out without me having to spend more than I wanted oop. But at the next Wags store I got them and they rang up $1.99 a box. The cashier thought there was a coupon for them, but there wasn't, but she said she knew she had seen a sign or something, somewhere....anyway she put them in for .99 each, but I'm not sure if they went off sale this week. I won't be trying this one again.

Total value of items purchased before coupons: $183.01
Total RRs Spent: $46.00
Total Cash Spent: $4.88 + 5.09 tax = $9.97
Total RRs Earned: $52.00
Final Total: $3.97 oop*

*It actually should have only been a $1.97 cost.
Remember last week when I posted about the Dollar General Neosporin coupons, and how they clearly say on the back "Redeem at any food, drug, or discount store accepting coupons"?
Well, the Assistant Manager at the 2nd Walgreens I went to claims that (1) they won't get reimbursed for coupons with another store name on it even though it says they will, and (2) that ALL coupons say that, but they still won't get reimbursed for coupons with another store name on it.

She asked me why, then, is the Dollar General name printed on it. I said it's advertisement for the store. She just smiled and shook her head with one of those "you poor stupid idiot" smirks.

That was when I asked her why, then, did it say Redeem at ANY food, DRUG, or discount store that accepts coupons, and she tells me they ALL say that, but that she wasn't able to use her Target coupon there, because they wouldn't get reimbursed for it. (Funny, I used a Target MQ with the Target Logo on it there a couple weeks ago with no problem.)

This particular AM has given me trouble before. I can just about count on any time there's a question about a coupon, she's never, ever going to see my side or hear my explanation about it and will do whatever she can to reject it.
Usually I just have them take the item off and blow her off because there's another Walgreens two mile up the street that's way, way better to shop at. I had already done most of my shopping there this morning anyway, but I go over to this other store when the first store is out of something, like the Accu-Checks.

But for her to stand there and have the utter gall to argue with me about the meaning of "Redeem at any food, drug, or discount store..." just pissed me off to high heaven!
She had no legitimate reason for refusing those coupons, which tells me she's just arguing with me to be arguing with me, for whatever reason she has against me that I don't know about. I've never done anything to her.

Ugh! I hate conflict! Why can't I just be able to use my coupons, the stores rake in the sales, and everyone be happy and agreeable about it???

Anyway. Other than that bit of hatefullness, I am so tickled I got (2) Pepsi deals and (10) newspapers - and all that other stuff - for less than I would have paid for the (10) papers by themselves otherwise.

I always say I'm going to start trying to plan it where I go on Sunday mornings and be able to use my RRs for papers, but then somehow it never works out. And, too, they don't bring alot of papers. I was there when the paper guy delivered the papers and he only left (4) of the bundle packs. I had to get the other one at the other Wags. One time before when I went I wasn't able to get but a couple bundle packs and the other Wags was out altogether. (I only buy the bundle packs because they cost $2.50, whereas buying (2) separate papers costs $4.00! No way, Hozay!)

(BTW, Dr Pepper is apparently NOT part of the Pepsi deal here, but the cashier put it in as $3.00 anyway, because the display is pretty misleading, since they are all stacked up assume they must be Pepsi Products.)

*And the Pepsi 12-packs all rang up at $3.00 each, even the first ones, so it wasn't some funny mathematics where you pay more and less, and can't figure out if you were charged rightly or not.


Cheap&Sweet said...

Nice job! I was to lazy to go to wags or anywhere this morning! Thanks for the tip on the all. Oh ya that is scrap book paper I got at the Hobby Lobby.

Earthy Mama said...

woo-hoo!!! Great deals!!! I went to Wags today, but my store only has one accu-check, so I am waiting to do my pepsi deals until my meters come in later this week. Also...I ran into another couponer! I didn't feel there were any deals to run out and be there when they opened this morning, I just got there early enough to get my papers. *fingers crossed* for my Mt Dew and accu-checks to be there later this week.

Melissa said...

Heh, I was lazy yesterday. Rolled out of bed around noon-thirty and fixed breakfast.

I know I need to learn to ask them to order me stuff. Sometimes I get up and run there and they still won't have I need. I was just dang lucky today to find the ones I did.

CheapbyChoice said...

Great deals! Thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

Awesome job. That's one of the reasons I won't go to Walgreens unless there is a phenomenal deal, the managers and cashiers at all of them in our city are not very bright, and make you shake your head when you have to explain to them how to use your coupons, I've left frustrated too many times, and it's not worth my sanity!

Melissa said...

Welcome Tammy. Your post today was portentious. I just walked out of a Walgreens not an hour ago.

I am really going to have to learn to ask my favorite Wags to order stuff for me so I don't have to step out to find my stuff elsewhere.