Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Stopped in Walgreens hoping, though not really expecting, to score a Bayer deal. Was very pleasantly surprised to find 1 box of clearance priced Bayer Crystals, and both of the meters in stock.

I wanted to grab another jug of milk and loaf of bread (ok, no jokes about Southerners and Snow and milk and bread)....there was a $1.00/2 Sara Lee bread coupon so I went ahead and grabbed a package of Buns.

My total then was $5.97, and I had $6.00 RRs, so I grabbed a 75% off candy cane, which was .08 cents, making my OOP $0.04 plus tax. Tax? What tax?
This was the same Wags that I shopped at on Christmas Eve that didn't charge any tax, nor did they today. How does a store not charge sales tax?
Not that I'm complaining! merely curious. I may have to start shopping this store more.

$14.99 Bayer Meter x 2
$ 2.19 Bayer Crystals
$ 2.69 Milk
$ 1.79 Bread
$ 1.79 Buns
$ .08 Cane

-14.99 Bayer 10/25 x 2
- 1.50 Bayer 10/25
- 1.00 Sara Lee

RRs Spent: $6.00

Subtotal $0.04 + 0.00 tax = $0.04 oop (Four Cents for Milk and Bread!!)

RRs Earned: $5.00 meter, $5.00 meter, $6.00 wyb (3) Bayer Products

Final Total +$9.96 Profit

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