Wednesday, January 20, 2010


New Week Sale:
There was only a few things I wanted from the new weeks' sale, and usually I would have put off such a small shopping trip to next week, but I wanted some extra opportunity for getting overage items/building up my overage while I had the chance (next month's overage opportunities look very sad so far).

Turned out my opportunity for buying up overage items today was also pretty sad...cleared shelves everywhere. There was only one bottle of the Vitamin D, but I was able to couple it with a bottle of Garlic Vitamins I get for my Aunt anyway, and still got a little bit of overage. Was able to find some boxes of the Vivarin, and the Birds Eye gave me some overage, but mostly what little overage I was able to get was eaten up by my purchases and the taxes on the Benevia.

$8.49 Benevia
-5.00 IP MQ
-4.00 Publix Green Flyer
= +.51 overage (about .60 tax, though. I only got these because my Husband and Mom likes them)

$0.89 Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies (50% sale, I only got the $1.79 bags)
-0.50 (doubled) SS 1/10
= +.11 overage

$2.69 Aunt Jemima Pancake/Waffle Mix BOGO sale ($1.35/1.34 each)
-1.00/2 RP 1/03
= $1.69 (.85/.84 each)

$2.00 Egglands Eggs
-0.50 (doubled) Dec. Ladies Home Journal
= $1.00

$3.29 NY Pizza Dipping Sticks BOGO sale ($1.65/1.64 each)
-0.50 (doubled) IP MQ x 2
= $1.29 (.65/.64 each)

$2.99 Vitamin D
$4.39 Garlic Tabs
-1.00 RP or SS 1/03 x 2
-6.00/2 Publix green flyer
= +.62 overage

$3.19 Vivarin
-2.00 RP 1/10
-5.00/2 Publix Green flyer
= + 2.62 overage

Subtotal: +$5.60 overage + $5.24 tax = +$0.36 overage on gift card
Saved $101.85

Old Week Sale:
The next Publix I went to I didn't really want to go to but since they will still take a $5/$20 Rite Aid coupon, it's like throwing away $5.00 if I don't go there. They were out of most of the mm items, also, but had plenty of the lightbulbs. I think no one must have known about the overage with the Target q's.

The cashier missed one of the .50 Hall's coupons, which I normally wouldn't have went back for, but *I* messed up and didn't give $18.00 worth of Benevia coupons! My total came out be $33.42, which I knew was way, way wrong, even with the $25.00 gift card I bought. So I paid with my Debit card and went to figure out what had happened.
I went back to the service desk and told the lady I'd forgotten to use my coupons, and also the guy missed scanning one of the coupons I'd given him. Usually I have NO problem with this, they just make sure I bought them item(s), take the coupons, hand me cash, have a nice day, see you next time.
But this lady looked at the receipt, looked at the coupons....looked at the receipt, looked at the coupons...and agonized, and mumbled and looked. Finally she goes and calls someone, the Manager I guess, to call her, and she talks to her and then comes back and tells me I have to buy something else, she can't give me cash back on coupons. Whaaaa? 
I told her I had already bought everything I'd came there to buy, I already spent the money up front, had I used the coupons in line they would have come off. She tried to say no, the cashier wouldn't give me money off the coupons and if they did they made a mistake (she's french speaking or something, I think we were having a communcation problem).

Long story short, I ended up getting the $18.00, plus .50 of the coupon that he'd missed scanning (although it should have been $1.00) but I was as ready to leave as she was for me to leave so I let that go.
What a PITA! I know it was my fault for forgetting to use the coupons to start with, but the CS Staff really ought to be more knowledgeable than this lady was.

Subtotal: +$10.08 overage + $1.61 tax = +$8.47 overage ($25.00 GC and $18.50 cash refund)
Saved $43.08

My totals figures are now totally messed up because I used $33.42 from my debit card, I have too much on Publix Gift Cards, and Cash. I can put the cash back in my bank account, but I still have too much on gift cards. I don't know how to do the math on all that :-(

The last Publix store shop went fine, like they all should.
They had some Bayer left, and the Aleve were priced at $1.97, which must be on sale from before, because I was paying $0.05 a bottle before, and now I got a good bit of overage on them. I should have gotten more because it's the only pain pill my husband can take, but I was afraid they'd think I was making illegal drugs or something if I got too much of one kind of med.

Subtotal: +$14.41 overage + $4.40 tax = +$10.01 overage on gift card
Saved $116.07

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