Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh well, while I was pushing my luck anyway, I decided to go in the Publix that had recently been giving me a little trouble...asking for my coupons up front and scanning them as they scanned the items, having to override and taking an extra long time to check out.

One of the CS girls checked me out, and I didn't have the problem today. She scanned everything then took my coupons and started entering them. She had to go do something else but another CS girl came and took over and finished. She missed 2 coupons for a total of $1.55 I should have gotten more off, but oh well. It happens.

I would detail, but today was the last day of the sale, so wouldn't help anyone anyway.

Usually I would have gone to the other Publix up the street whose sale starts today, and then could have detailed that, but I coudn't find much this week to buy, so I decided to wait and hope the sale gets better as the week goes along and new coupons come out this weekend.

If you look at my last Wednesday 1st day of the sale shop, you can see it started out fairly different than it ended up. The Special K bars coupons were new, I believe, and the Gatorade and Chobani coupons came out this past weekend, and someone figured out the coupons to get the Emerald Trail mix free.

So hopefully the sale will get better and I can have a good last day of the sale shop next Wednesday. (And hopefully next week's sale will be better starting out.)

Total: +$12.09 overage + 6.74 tax = $5.35 overage on Gift Card
Total Saved: $218.48

*Oops, I made a mistake. The Chobani coupons came out in the 12/13 SS. I think the 10/$10 Sale in the Yellow Flyer that came out in this past Sunday's paper. Or maybe it was already on sale but I just saw it the first time this weekend.

Anyway, the deal is good thru Feb. 5th.


christa said...

I am loving your site. I like you am going to keep track of my savings.
Funny thing I googled chobani yogurt (trying to find the date the coupons came out )and your site was the first site listed after the chobani website. I had a good laugh since I am already a follower of your site and was happy to know that google ranks you high.

Melissa said...

Heh, funny about Google. Kind of scary, too, though.

But why are you still Google'ing? You're throwing away free money not using Swagbucks. Even my kids use Swagbucks and have gotten all kinds of free stuff.

I added a HotCouponWorld button in my stuff on the Right Sidebar, you can go there and click on Coupon Database to find coupons, when they were released, printables, etc.

Melissa said...

Oh, PS, there's also a Chobani printable for By 2, Get 1 free. So if you Buy 3, use 2 of the coupons from the 12/13 SS to get those free (if your coupons double) and then get a 3rd one free with the printable coupon. You can find a link to it at HotCouponWorld.

christa said...

I know I am addicted to google although I have signed on for swag but google is still more detailed so at times I google.
Thanks for the info on the coupons.

Melissa said...

Ah, ok. Yea, sometimes I still have to google too. YW.