Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rite Aid

Next I headed to Rite Aid to do my deals that were supposed to get me $8.00 (or $10.00) worth of items I needed/wanted, namely milk and Hershey Kisses.

The deal looked like this: (Thanks, Brandy!)
1 Nature's Bounty Vitamin $4.99
1 Nature's Bounty Vitamin $0.00 (bogo sale, rings up $0)
1 Contac Cold and Flu $4.99
1 GE Soft White Bulbs 2 pack $2.00
$8 worth of things you need!

$5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
$5/1 Nature's Bounty mq ip (see info HERE about getting the $5 coupon)
$5/1 Nature's Bounty mq ip
$1/1 Nature's Bounty Video Values coupon
$1/1 Nature's Bounty Video Values coupon
$2/1 Contac 1.10.10 RP

=$1.00 oop+tax

earn $4.99 scr for Contac, $2.00 SCR for GE bulbs

So at Rite Aid #1 I got (2) Nature Bounty Cod Liver Oil, Contac, Light Bulbs, (2) gallons of milk, and (2) bags Hershey kisses.
After coupons my total should have been $2.95 plus tax.

The cashier didn't push a button or something after scanning my items, I know she didn't because the credit card screen thing wasn't showing my transaction. She scanned all my coupons except the last one, I saw her NOT scan the last one, the 2nd of the Nature Bounty MQs.
She stopped after scanning all the coupons except that one and asked if I had more coupons...I was holding in my hand some "Instant Win 2 Game of Life" tickets, so then she took those and gave me my free game tickets.

Then she went back to my coupons and told me that last one wouldn't scan. I didn't say anything at that point, because I knew she had not scanned it, not that it would not scan. Then she tried to tell me it wouldn't scan because one of the vitamins was free, and I couldn't use a coupon on a buy one get one free item. I said that I have always been able to, so she kind of shrugged and said well we can try, and always void it if it don't work. (Wouldn't be nothing to void if it didn't work.)

So she scanned it and nothing happened, because she hadn't pressed that button on the register. So she pressed it, rescanned the coupon, it took it, and she cheerfully told me I owed her $18-some-odd.
I said but only that coupon came off, none of the others did, because she hadn't pressed that button to start with, so she needed to rescan those other coupons.

No, she decides to void the entire transaction and start over. So she calls a Manager to come to a void, and then she tells the Manager I have "all these" coupons for the Vitamins, when they only cost $4.99, so she can't take the coupons, right? Manager says yes she can, up to $4.99. Cashier continues to argue, but one of them is free. Manager says it's okay, she can still use 2 coupons. Cashier continues to argue, and brings the RA VV coupons into it. Now the Manager says well I can't use both (the MQs and the RA q's) because that would mean she'd have to pay me a dollar, and she couldn't pay me a dollar, so I can use either one or the other.

I was going to ask her why she thought she'd have to pay me a dollar for using those, but not $5 on the free Vitamins? It doesn't make alot of sense, the way it went. She had to know I was getting overage, using the $5 coupon on free vitamins, and that was okay, but not okay for the RA coupons. Yet had I been paying cash, then I could have used the RA coupons with no problem. They can't seem to get that manu. coupons are a form of payment the same as cash or check or credit card.

But the cashier was STILL arguing with her about me being able to use a coupon on a free item, so I just paid, took my stuff and left.

Total $4.95 + .79 tax = $5.74 oop
SCR: $4.99 Contac, $2.00 GE bulbs = $6.99
Final Total $1.25 Profit

After this I went to Kroger and didn't have a great shop. I was disappointed and just about gave up and went home. But then I remembered today was the last day of last week's Publix sale, so I had to buck up and push on.

At the next Rite Aid, I guess I was feeling rebellious...I decided to buy a 12 pack of beer instead of milk. (Really, I was only planning to buy 4 gals of milk anyway, and didn't want to get the beer at the last Rite Aid after I found out last week that the SM is my brother-in-law's 1st cousin.)

So I got the beer, vitamins, Contac and lightbulbs, and didn't have a bit of trouble checking out and using all my coupons.

Total $2.47 + 1.15 tax = $3.62 oop
SCR: $4.99 Contac, $2.00 GE bulbs = $6.99
Final Total $3.37 Profit

And then at the last Rite Aid - just my luck - they only had 1 gallon of of milk in stock. I filled in with 2 more bags of Hershey Kisses since it was something I was looking to stock up on anyway (thought I had plenty still from Halloween, but apparently I already ate 'em all up. I am addicted to Kisses.)
I skipped the lightbulbs this time.

Here the cashier was laughing and making a big production of my low total. I told her I was glad that didn't make her mad. She was like, why would it? She thought it was neat, and has a few people that come in shopping with coupons and she gets a kick out of seeing how low they can go. I told her I didn't know, but I had had another cashier earlier that just couldn't stand it, and did everything she could to not take my coupons, and was STILL arguing with her Manager about it when I left the store. She said people like that just had a problem, and I should bring my coupons to her.

Total $1.95 + .52 tax = $2.47 oop
SCR $4.99 Contac
Final Total $2.52 profit

Grand Total:
Value if Items: $96.30
Total Spent: $9.37 + 2.46 tax = $11.83 oop
SCRs Earned: $18.97
Final Total: +$7.14 Profit

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