Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I started out with $24.00 of RRs this morning.

Looked first for the Bayer Meters/Crystals for the Big MoneyMaker, but they only had 1 Meter and 1 box of the Crystals in stock. Almost couldn't decide to go ahead and get them, or save my coupons for later, but I figured spending .69 and getting $8.00 back was still pretty good.
$14.99 Bayer Meter
-14.99 10/25 RP
Get $5.00 RR for Meter

$2.19 Bayer Crystals on Clearance
-1.50 10/25 RP
= .69
Get $3.00 RR for Buying (2) Bayer items

Total: $7.31 Profit

*Had they had another Meter, I would have gotten another $5.00 RR for it, and a $6.00, instead of $3.00 RR, for buying (3) Bayer items, making it a $15.31 MM deal.
*Had they had another box of Bayer Crystals I would have gotten a $6.00, instead of $3.00 RR, for buying (3) Bayer items, making it a $9.62 MM deal.

The Electrasol is on sale this week for $3.49, with a $1.00 RR. With the $2.50 coupon from the 1/03 SS, I paid .99 and got $1.00 RR, so Free + .01 per box.

The Neosporin is on sale 2/$8.00, with a $3.00 RR. I used (2) 1.00 coupons from the 1/03 RP, and the $2.00 Wags coupon in the Children's Activity Book (CAB) (took off $4.00). I paid $2.00, and got back $3.00 RR, so Free + $1.00 MM.

The small boxes of Chips Ahoy are on sale for .99 a box, and you get back a $2.00 RR when you buy 2 boxes. I paid $1.98, and got back $2.00 RR, so Free + .01 per box. (Doesn't work with Oreos, booooo)

The Reach floss deal didn't work out so well for me. The Plan was:
Buy (2) Reach Total Care Floss at $3.79 each = $7.58
- 3.79 BOGO 1/03 RP
- 1.00 Reach Floss (for the one I'm not getting free) 1/03 RP
- 2.00 In-ad coupon (which should have taken off $4.00)
= $1.21 Overage

But my in-ad coupon only took off $2.00, which I assume was because the BOGO Coupon negated one of them. So I thought about next time trying to use the in-ad coupon first, but then I was afraid it wouldn't accept my MQs if $4.00 was already taken off.
So I just didn't buy anymore Floss until I can figure out if it's able to be bought with Profit. I ended up paying .80 for Floss I totally didn't need.

The Peeps was a filler on the first order, I needed to spend a nickle. All the Christmas stuff was just stacked on the shelves not in the regular spots, all the price tags were wrong, anyway there were signs saying 50% or 75% off, so I thought maybe they would be really cheap, a quarter, or less. They were .37, so the next time I needed a filler I got a can of tomato sauce, which was .39, but I can use that better than more candy.

The other cans of tomatoes were fillers I didn't know I needed. My math "skills" said my total was $5.45 or some such, but turned out it was $4.97, so .03 less than the $5.00 RR I was trying to spend. Instead of trying to find some useless something for cheap (didn't need any of the .17 notebook folders) I just grabbed more cans of tomato sauce I know I will use eventually.

For my last $5 RR I bought a jug of Milk and a can of Tuna for filler. Sign on the refrigerator door said Milk was $3.19, but turned out Milk was $2.79, so I had to run back and get another can of Tuna to bring my total up.

Total Value of All Items: $90.63
RRs Spent: $24.00
Cash Spent: $3.47 + $3.09 tax = $6.56
RRs Earned: $32.00
Final Total: +$1.44 Profit

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