Saturday, January 9, 2010

Total 1st Week of the Year

$824.02 Value of Items Before Sale/Coupon/Rebate

$28.69 CASH Spent oop

+$30.87 After Sale/Coupon/Rebates (This would be increasing my amount of RRs, ECBs, Rite Aid SCRs, and Publix Gift Card)


Cheap&Sweet said...

umm.. Will you take me shopping with you? Lol I don't know where you live but Id probably save more money then it would cost in gas! lol Ive seen your shops for a while and I think you are a coupon genus. I have $2.00 all coupons coming. Any Idea where to use them?

Melissa said...

LOL, thanks, but I'm far from a coupon genius. I just spend alot of time checking blogs and message boards looking for deals.

I don't know of any All sales, but if I see anything I will be sure to let you know.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Thanks Id appreciate it! But I still think your a genius. lol

christa said...

What are your favorite blogs that help you find deals?

Melissa said...

Christa, the top Blogs I visit most looking for deals is Southern Savers, Hip2Save, IheartPublix, IheartSavingMoney and IPreferPublix. (I visit ALOT of blogs here and there, but those are the main ones I check everyday, several times a day.)

I also visit iheartcvs, iheartriteaid, and iheartwags sites.

And I spend alot of time reading posts at Slickdeals and Hot Coupon World.