Sunday, January 10, 2010


Because I despise shopping at Walmart, I tend to end up like I was today...still having several good coupons expiring today...and it comes down to Use 'em or lose 'em.

The Snuggle dryer sheets are $1.87 at Walmart, and I had (7) $2.00 off Snuggle coupons.
When shopping at Walmart, you never know when you'll get overage, or just free, or refused altogether.
In such a case, since I MAY get overage, I have to buy something to eat the overage. In that case, if I don't get the overage, I'm stuck buying something I really didn't need.

Anyway, luck was with me today, and I got my full coupon value.

I bought:
$13.09 Snuggle x 7
$ 1.50 Duckbrand Packaging tape
$ .58 Chocolate Frosted Donut

-14.00 Snuggle MQ x 7 12/06 RP (expires today)
- 1.00 Duckbrand MQ 11/22 SS

Total $0.17 + 1.04 tax = $1.21 oop

When buying the Snuggle, I figured if I got it, I'd end up with $0.91 overage.
I looked for the Duckbrand tape because I'd read that someone else had found it at their Walmart for $1.08, and would be .08 after coupon. At my Walmart, it was priced $1.67, and normally I wouldn't've bought it for even .67 after coupon because I didn't really need it, but I was ready to go and didn't want to try to come up with something else to use the overage on.
Even after spending that overage, I still had .24 more cents to spend. I went for fruit, but I can't accurately figure weight on fruit, and didn't want to mess up...I figured going in the negative at Walmart would set alarms and lights and sirens off, and for sure they'd deny my the donuts were priced at .58 cents, so I grabbed one of those.
Turned out the Tape rang up at $1.50 instead of $1.67, so good thing I had got the more expensive donut.

I've had some good luck checking out at the self-checkers with coupons (the coupons beep, but generally the cashier doesn't scrutinize the coupons/prices as much), and today I couldn't find any guy lines to get in, so I went for the self-check out again.
A younger girl was running them; a young guy was standing at her podium chatting with her. When she came to help me with my coupons, the register told her it needed verification, and she verified them on through.
When my total came up she was like "Wow, that's great" as she was headed back to her podium to finish chatting with her friend.

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