Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ran into Publix while I was right there at it, looking for mm's, but the shelves were bare here, too. Needed some chili mix, and got some more pizza dipping sticks (I love those things!), and some more Benevia for my husband and Mom. The overage on the Birdseye and Knox Gelatine paid for that.

Otherwise I spent a $10.00 on (4) more bundles of newspapers. Turned out I didn't figure on the newspaper costing $2.36, instead of $2.50, so in the end my total was -.34, which really threw the poor guy off balance.
I hate doing that, but I was in a hurry; my husband was waiting in the car, it was coming torrential rains and I got a text alert on my phone that we were under a tornado watch, so that freaked me out, being 30 miles from home.

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