Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Surprise Money and Free Travel

Back in November/December, between getting ready for Christmas and going out of town, my concentration was more on gift shopping and burning expiring ECBs/RRs than it was on earning or profiting. I had fallen off in my Rite Aid shopping there at the end...and apparently forgot whatever shopping I had done before the Holidays.

So, Surprise! I got emails the other day letting me know I qualified for $15.00 worth of Holiday Gift of Savings Certificates.


Last weekend, a Citizen in my Husband's Zone put on a nice dinner gathering for the Emergency Services Agencies in the County.

In addition, she had a drawing for a door-prize, which my hubby won. The prize was 7 days and nights in her Beach House in Wrightsville, NC this Summer.

Very nice!!

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