Friday, January 29, 2010


The Green Flyer Coupons were expiring today. I wasn't going to bother going just for some more vitamins, and drove past three Publix stores in my travels. At the last minute, as I was headed home, I found myself about 4 miles from a Publix I like to shop, and those $2.00 One-A-Day MQs were calling to me "Spend me! Spend Me!". So I went.

They didn't have enough of the Scooby Doo vitamins to get them all free, so I also got some boxes of Women/Men vitamins, which made them no longer free, but really cheap. Also had no Vitamin D, for overage, but the Garlic and Folic Acid vitamins my Aunt takes were really cheap with the coupons, so I wanted to go ahead and get those.

The Aleve and Bayer was still cleaned out, and there was no Knox Gelatine.
So, I had no overage today, but since I'd been building some up on Publix gift cards, this is the kind of time I'm able to put it to good use.

Total $1.62 + 3.16 tax = $4.78 (from Gift Card)
Saved $60.36

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