Sunday, January 24, 2010


I haven't done the tallys yet - because I know it's going to hurt!
I spent alot of RRs to buy the newspapers, extra papers because of the $4.00 Any Knox coupon...and can look at the picture and know that I only made $12.00 profit between the Benefiber and Neosporin.

That wouldn't be as bad, knowing as I do that next week I should be able to make it up with the Bayer/Accucheck Meter RR deals. (*Note, call and ask to have these items ordered for me.) But, other than the Butterfinger candies and can of baked beans, which were neccessary filler items, the rest of the items - Reach floss, toothbrushs, and shavers - were results of crazy buying.

That is, I went kinda crazy buying the stuff just because it was "free", even though I didn't really need any of it. As a result, I ended up blowing most of my cash budget this week paying tax on the stuff.

Value Before Coupons: $184.52
RRs Spent: $42.00
RRs Earned: $32.00
Spent: $3.59 + $8.70 tax = $12.29 cash

Final Total: $22.29 cost

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