Friday, January 15, 2010


Made a quick Kroger stop while I was out running around.

Was able to use up the rest of the Birdseye coupons expiring 1/17; I had 13 of them. Got all the Mixed Veggies they had - we like to use it to cook veggie soup and homemade chicken pot pie, then some broccoli cuts and corn. On sale for 10/$10.

Also had 3 coupons from a paper mailer my hubby got at his fire station for Colgate Wisps. They are on sale at Kroger this week for 10/$10.

They were all out of the Oinkos yogurt. Hopefully I can find them tomorrow at another Kroger I have to go by taking Kevin to play basketball.

I didn't get anything else, so all my coupons made everything free, and tax was only $0.31

Value of Items: $16.00
Total After Coupons: $0.00 + $0.31 tax = $0.31 oop


Earthy Mama said...

where was the birdseye q from?

Melissa said...

12/06 SS

CheapbyChoice said...

Great deals! Thanks for sharing! I can only find coupons for Green Giant! I have searched every where for the Birdseye. We did not get them in our region.

Melissa said...

There was also some new Birdseye q's that came out in the 1/10 SS. They expire 2/07 so I saved them hoping for another 1/2 price sale at Publix because I get overage then.

Stinks you didn't get them in your area, Leslie.

I don't know if this will help you, but if there's maybe another larger or smaller paper in your general area you could also get and see if there's any differences.

I've always been told, buy the largest paper in your area, so I get the AJC. But I found out, that's not even a surety.
Usually I go East to the next county to get my papers because I can do shopping trips at the same time.
Once I deviated in my plans and bought AJC papers locally and the coupons weren't the same. Some were missing and some were different values.
As I remember, they weren't better coupons that week and I decided to not buy anymore locally.

Then just this past weekend my son came in carrying a handfull of coupon inserts he said he'd found in some local papers from the next county - the same county where I usually go to buy my AJC - and they had coupons in them (Soyjoy specifically that I can remember) that hadn't been in the larger AJC paper inserts.

It's really crazy. I don't know how they decide what coupons to put out where.