Saturday, January 16, 2010

Total Week 2 Shopping

I didn't do as well this week, partly because of my bad shops at the one Rite Aid and Kroger, but mainly, I believe, because I didn't go shopping more. There were profit opportunities at CVS and Walgreens that I didn't take advantage of (no reason why I didn't...just wasn't feeling it, I reckon).

$380.71 Value of Items Before Sale/Coupon/Rebate

$27.63 CASH Spent oop

$3.31 Cost After Sale/Coupon/Rebates

The 1st week I spent right at $30.00 cash, not counting newspapers. (My Aunt bought my papers for me and wouldn't let me pay her back, so I put the $10.00 towards shopping.)

This week I bought my own papers, but the sales didn't appear as great this week as last week, so I was undecided whether to attempt a $40 budget, or a $30 budget again.

Luckily it's not a do or die situation, so I could aim for $30, but spend $40 (or more) if neccessary.

I did, however, stay under $30 cash, including my newspapers.

Because I drive a *minimum* of 40 miles (usually more like 75+) to/from shopping, alot of people (smart-ellecks) like to ask in that supercilious tone I hate, "How can you really be saving anything having to drive so far to shop?"

So I thought I'd try figuring my gas/milage.

Well, that's not happening.
The first week I thought about trying to figure out how much gas I use going shopping, I didn't really realize how much other driving we do besides my shopping trips.
I pick up my youngest son from school after soccer practice everyday, plus it's a 40+ mile trip to/from his basketball practice/games twice a week.
Last week my husband used my car to go pick up his Dad and drive him to Canton, a couple hour trip one way, for eye surgery.
My middle son used my car to go to his weekly fire dept. meeting.
I went to visit my Mom, 26 miles one way, a couple of times.
And we had to go to my oldest son's to repair some water pipes that had frozen and burst during the awful cold snap we've had the past couple of weeks. That took awhile, so I had to leave and drive home, 22 miles, to pick up Kevin from school, and then drive back down there to help finish up and get my husband.

Over the past week and a half, since January 6th, we've put approx. $90.00 worth of gas in my car, but very little of it has been used for my shopping trips.


Cheap&Sweet said...

wow I would hate to travel that much! I put $20 in a week and I dislike that much driving!

Melissa said...

I don't like to drive so much either, but not much choice.
Sometimes I do enjoy the ride to do my shopping trips, listening to the radio and seeing the sites (which are much prettier in the Spring/Summer/Fall than they are right now. Winter, blah!)

I really hate spending all that money on gas. I remember not that long ago when I could fill up for than $20.00 a tankfull. Now it costs twice as much :-(

But as far as how much I spend on gas, as opposed to how much I save going coupon shopping savings wins hand-down.