Saturday, January 23, 2010


I wasn't able to make it back to my favorite Walgreens this week, and I was going to just be done with and keep the rest of my Aviva coupons for week 1/31 and be able to earn $5 RRs instead. Lord knows I've gotten enough Pepsi between the 1st two shops I did this week, and CVS.

But as I was driving PAST the Walgreens where I was at today, my car just turned in the driveway!

Ok, I said, I can at least go in and see who cashiering. When I saw it was the older gentleman I've never had trouble with in the past, I decided to go ahead and see if I could do the deal.

They only had (2) Accuchecks, so $10.00 overage made my Pepsi's $1.00 after RR, rather than $4 or $9 profit if I'd been able to get more Accuchecks. But I ain't complaining about that.

I got (7) things of Pepsi products, which cost $21.00, because I didn't need anymore chips or dips. I decided to try some different sodas this time, the Throwbacks (which I've read alot of people didn't like) and some Code Red Mtn. Dew, just for something different.
Minus $10.00 Accucheck overage and $10.00 RR, made them $1.00 oop.

Also got (2) Wet Ones, on sale for 2/$4 and get $1 RR. I had (2) $1.50 off IP coupons, which made them free after RR.

Then I did the Theraflu/Tea deal; $3.99 + $2.99 - $2.00 Theraflu MQ - $2.00 Theraflu D&Y Q = $2.98; got $4.00 RR = $1.02 profit.

My total after overage/coupons was $14.98, and I had $15.00 worth of RRs to spend, so I found a .10 Pez Mint candy thing in the clearance section.

Total: $0.08 + 1.28 tax = $1.36 oop
RRs Spent: $15.00
RRs Received: $15.00
Final Total: $1.36 oop

And, just to make it all a little more challenging, I have $56.00 worth of RRs expiring 1/31. Meaning I have to spend/roll them this week. Blah.


Earthy Mama said...

I really do like the Throwback. Doug's been getting them at work for us to try and it's kind of like lemonade with a kick. The first one I drank I didn't like it, but then it grew on me. I bought three 12-packs during the sale. :)

Melissa said...

You mean the Mtn. Dew TB? I don't like reg. Mtn. Dew because it's too sweet/syrupy. Is the real sugar more or less sweet than the other? Have you tried the Pepsi TBs?