Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 3 Totals

Week 3 was a much better, more profitable shopping week than last week. There were some good deals to be found this week, and I got out there and got as many of them as I could. (Unfortunately I can't shop EVERYday! lol)

$937.50 Value of Items Before Sale/Coupon/Rebate

$31.84 CASH Spent oop

$39.69 Profit After Sale/Coupon/Rebates

I started this week with the $10.00 I was planning to spend on my weekly newspapers.

After that I really had no planned amount to spend. I figured I might go back to Walgreens and do another Pepsi deal, or two maybe. And visit Rite Aid for overage for milk and etc.
I hadn't planned on having to shop at CVS because my ECBs expired.

Then the two $21.99 Rite Aid SCR checks showed up, so I figured I could aim for the goal of spending one of those.

And I did it, with $0.15 left over to put in the left-over jar.


christa said...

One thing I have noticed from being a couponer with multiples is wow we truly are consumers LOOK at those numbers. Well we are doing our part to keep the economy going. :)

Earthy Mama said...

Christa, you're exactly right- and the sad thing is...people think WE ARE the ones ripping the stores off!!! *sigh*

Earthy Mama said...

Oh, and how much of that do you think you would have spent without coupons and deals Melissa? If it was just things you needed, and weren't a couponer...

Melissa said...

If I wasn't coupon'ing, I wouldn't shopped at ANY of those stores, at all.

Last Friday was payday, I probably would've spent around $75-$100 on groceries then, and maybe $20 this week for milk and bread and Kotex at Walmart.

So I spent more this one week than I normally would have in 2 months. I guess alot of people still have jobs because of us.

But not Walmart/Sam's Club people, if you've heard the news lately.